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Quality Statement at Fish4Flies

Fishing, like any other hobby, has its ups and downs. The highs are when you snag your first fish of the day, and the lows are when you lose that fish to a fly which has fallen apart during that long important fight!

If you are new to fly fishing, you know how expensive it can be. The upfront cost of your fly-fishing gear, and your annual ticket to your local water can be a barrier to entry for some; however, this does not mean you should be fishing with the cheapest fly-fishing flies you can find. After all, why should you skimp on the cheapest but most important area of fly fishing? The Fly itself!

Some flies, such as for Salmon, Saltwater and large fish have special hooks to withstand the conditions and forces which are applied to them. The hooks themselves can be a big portion of the cost, so you don't want to skimp on the tying materials and less experienced tiers to tie that all important fly, otherwise you could find your fly unravel itself to be only left with a threaded mess only to throw away after a few casts.

Quality Statement of our Tiers

Fish4Flies has worked closely with tiers for many years, some of which have been with us since the inception of the company back in 2005. Any new tiers are closely monitored and trained to ensure the highest of tying standards before they are allowed to tie our products. This ensures we have the highest skilled and experienced tiers tying for Fish4Flies, and in return we can pay a good wage and regular income.

Seasonality effects demand in a big way, and in recent years Covid has made this demand suddenly drop from nothing to going through the roof, and back again. Fish4Flies strives to be a responsible company and helps iron out fluctuations in demand so that our tiers are not left without work, or forced to work under pressure to meet some ridiculously high targets; common amongst tying factories, which can only result in affecting the quality of the fly. The stability which we offer to our tiers ensures both that you get them best quality tied flies, and that our tiers are happy and have greater security in an uncertain world.

We believe (and hope you agree) that this is an important issue and is worth the tiny extra costs of being responsible; after all everyone becomes a winner, and you have quality flies which you are able to use again and again which could actually save you money in the long run as well as increasing your enjoyment in the fly-fishing sport.

Quality Statement of our Materials

Materials are extremely important when it comes to tying flies. Poor materials can at best simply not look the part or perform as well, and at worse could cause hook breakages or unravelling to occur. We also offer some premium ranges such as the Apache which use Mink fur to get the correct motion in the water, or flies tied to bespoke hooks such as Firehole sticks; all of these non-standard generic patterns add to the cost of materials, so you are literally paying for what you get in terms of quality.

Price Justification

If you think about it, how can you tie a quality fly, with highly experienced tiers on a fair wage, using quality materials and offering unique bespoke flies to our customers at prices sub 99p/fly?

Okay, so we do offer cheap fly-fishing flies of under 50p per fly, but these are truly basic patterns such as Epoxy buzzers, and not those that require high attention to detail and costly quality materials. But you get the message, Fish4Flies deals with quality flies and you really do get what you pay for, so why skimp on one of the cheapest aspects of the sport?!

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Flexi Legs Bloodworm Fly

From €1.03/fly (based on pack of 12)

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Nymph Holo Green JC Fly

From €0.64/fly (based on pack of 12)

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Holo Blue Buzzer Fly

From €0.59/fly (based on pack of 12)

Customer Service

Our customer service is second to none; we dispatch the majority of our flies the same day, but as a family run business, we do have a 1-3 day dispatch timescales reserved for those odd family days out!

Fish4Flies has a zero-quibble policy. If there does happen to be something wrong with your flies, we will replace or refund without question. We would like to see you happy with your selection of flies, so if they are not quite what you are looking for, let us know and we are sure that we can sort something out for you as a courtesy.

We aim to respond to any queries promptly using our contact form; If we haven't got back to you in a timely manner, you may want to check that you have entered your email address or phone number correctly into the contact form; It's so frustrating when we call our customers back immediately only to find that we are calling a wrong number or the email bounces back!

We so hope that you enjoy the quality fly fishing flies that we offer, and appreciate any mentions or links to our site which recommend our service. We grow organically through word of mouth, so this really helps us keep our service running!

Thanks for your custom and support,

The Fish4Flies Team