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Fish4Flies Europe, Specialists in Trout and Salmon Flies for Fly Fishing

Welcome to the European edition of Fish4Flies, a friendly family run business specialises in providing the highest quality salmon and trout fly fishing flies for sale online, dispatched to Europe for just €4.13, or free on orders of flies over €47.20.

Our online fly fishing shop contains an extensive range of fly fishing flies both old classics and new fly patterns. We make it easy to buy quality fishing flies online for trout, salmon, carp and other alternative fish to suit your preferences, after all, every fly fisherman has their own recommended fishing flies which work best for them!

Popular Fly Fishing Flies for France during September.

We have an extensive library of 3311 fly fishing patterns, 2419 of which are trout flies, 600 salmon flies and 68 sea trout patterns. Most fishing flies are available for sale to regular fly fisherman and fishing clubs with immediate dispatch, and we deliver our fishing flies worldwide.

Please feel free to browse our selection of fly fishing flies by either clicking on the 'type of fish' or 'type of fly', searching for a fishing fly, viewing some of our recommend flies on our homepage (based on your location and season) or within your account.

Our extended historic library of fly fishing patterns lets you browse the more obscure and 'old favourites' which have been lost to the test of time; but we know how it feels when you can no longer obtain your killer fly and strive to revive library patterns once we gain enough interest. Be sure to click on the 'Register your interest' for fly fishing patterns which are no longer stocked. We will have the most popular fishing flies tied up and notify you once back in stock.

You can also interact with other fly fisherman by adding comments about each fishing fly, voting for any of the flies within the site, or uploading photos of your catches to share with others alike.

If there are any fly fishing patterns you wish to see online, please let us know and we will have our fly tiers produce them for you.

We hope you enjoy your visit, and wish you the best of success on the water; please give us a shout if you require anything as we are always happy to help!

The Fish4Flies Team