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Special Offers and Discounted Flies for Sale

The supply and demand of fly fishing flies is organic, varying from season to season. Killer flies for one season can be as popular as getting caught on a weedy bank the next, and vice versa.

We therefore run various discounts on flies all throughout the year. This page is a summary of all the flies we have on offer at any one time; you may want to bookmark it for future reference!

First please choose the type of fly you are looking for

For ease of use, these special offers have been categorised by the type of fish you are fly-fishing for. Please choose from the below list to see our current discounts on flies.

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Why do we have discounted flies?

There are various reasons why we discount flies. We are constantly tying flies 3-9 months ahead of the next season, as well as catering for our short term demands and pattern requests. As we tie flies based on current and past sales patterns to predict next year’s demand on each fly, and the time of year they are most wanted on the water.

If trends change, and they do all the time, we may be left overstocked and therefore offer discounts on a range of flies. You can track the changes in popular fly-fishing flies from season to season in our historic Monthly Top 10 Chart.

Promotions for New Patterns

We may discount new flies to get an idea of its popularity and gain feedback from fishermen as to how the perform so that we can make improvements for next season, while also promoting the new pattern so that people become more aware of it in attempt to make it the next bestselling fly.

Discounted Clearance of old designs

Last season’s stock which has either fallen out of popularity, or we have decided to improved the pattern based upon feedback are sometimes labelled in the attributes as 'old design' and carry a discount. Just be prepared that the picture always shows the latest design not the discounted previous old design.

Quality control and Rejected flies

Sometimes flies are tied to the wrong sized hook or use the wrong feather or material. We do create new fly variants if they look and fish great, and have had some happy accidents which then become the next craze! But if they are quite similar and we have a surplus stock, then we discount the fly often with a variant note in the attribute. For example, some flies have beads in the tail, and we offer both beaded and non-beaded versions under the same fly but marked as a different attribute upon adding to your basket. Sometimes these flies are offered at a reduced price.

Due to our high standards of quality control, minor defects can occur during tying. A lot of the time this doesn't affect how the fly fishes, but we discount these as Seconds without warranty. Normally Seconds carry a big discount for each fly, as you have to be prepared that there is a small chance some flies may unravel or break under strain; but you should get some good flies in the mix too, hence the large discount to compensate for this risk.