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Gordon Quill (USA) Fly

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About the Gordon Quill (USA) Trout Flies Fly

The Gordon Quill is an outstanding fly that has been taking trout for over 100 years. It's ability to represent various naturals is often helped by slightly varying the dressings to the naturals on the water.

Expert Tip:

The fly matches hatches of Epeorus Pleuralis, an early-season mayfly of the Northeast. In a reversal of the normal process of nomenclature, the insect itself is now known as the quill Gordon.

Theodore Gordon,1854-1915, introduced the Dry Fly to America in 1890.

Creator of this trout flies fly: Theodore gordon

Tier of this trout flies fly: Mandy Shelvey

Country of origin for this trout flies fly: America

This trout flies fly is designed to be fished on Rivers & Streams, Still Water fish


  • Original suggested tying.
  • Hook : 16.
  • Thread : Black.
  • Tail : Blue dun hackle fibres.
  • Body : Undyed stripped peacock quill from the eye tail.
  • Wing : Speckled mandarin hackle fibres.
  • Hackle : Blue dun cock.

Use lighter coloured quill and pale honey dun in the summer. Partridge L3B Captain Hamilton Dry Fly Up Eye.

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