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Bibio Hopper Fly

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When should I fish with the Bibio Hopper?

This graph shows trends of when fly fishermen use the Bibio Hopper to fish with and what hooks are most popular throughout the fly-fishing season.

About the Bibio Hopper Trout Fly

The Bibio Hopper is crafted to mimic insects that find themselves trapped within the water's surface film, and presents an irresistible meal to the discerning brown trout. Its design, complete with the attractive segmentation of its black and red body, provides a lifelike allure that makes it difficult for trout to resist. The fly's legs, strategically positioned to imitate the struggling movements of an insect on the water, add a further touch of realism.

Amongst the best of the Daddy and Hopper patterns, this pattern is a reliable choice when aiming to draw out that confident slurp from brown trout, playing a critical role in a trout angler's arsenal.

Expert Tip:

What makes the Bibio Hopper particularly interesting is the subtlety of its presentation. Rather than provoking splashy strikes from fish, it typically elicits gentle, confident slurps; the hallmark of a brown trout confidently seizing what it believes to be an easy meal. This behaviour offers a unique thrill for the angler, requiring sharp focus and a keen eye to detect the trout's take.

Country of origin for this trout fly: England

This trout fly is designed to be fished on Dams & Reservoirs, Rivers & Streams, Still Water

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